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How do I invite this bot to my discord?

You may invite the bot here, and while logged into the browser, select a server and it will be all set up!

Why is the bot not responding to any commands?

Make sure you didn't accidently set a different prefix. Otherwise, our default prefix is "pls ". When setting prefixes, make sure you include spaces in quotation marks.

How do auto commands work?

As said in its name, they work- automatically! Post a link and Payload will magically run the command!

Do you have an offical discord?

Of course! Join us at our discord!

Payload is offline! What do I do?

That's not good! We strive to make sure it's on 100% of the time. Being offline could mean that work is being done on the server, the server died, or an update is being pushed. If it's not online within ~10 minutes of being down, contact us on discord!

How do I view all of Payloads' commands?

You may view all commands or use "pls commands" in any channel.

Based on sharky's bot, now developed by 24. Proudly Open-Sourced
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